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      Website of Shenzhen Cham Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.


      1. Except the terms of services indicated in website of Dongguan Cham Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Our Website), our Website shall not be liable or bear any responsibilities for any accidents, negligence, destroy of contracts, defamation, infringement of copyrights or intellectual property rights and all the losses caused by it (including that computer gets infected by virus because of downloading), when using our website.

      2. Our website shall not be liable or bear any responsibilities for any information, products or services gained through our website's links.

      3. Our website believes that all users have carefully gone through and fully agreed with these terms when entering the homepage and all other web pages in our website.


      Website of Shenzhen Cham Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Terms for Usage

      Here below are related terms (hereinafter referred to as The Terms) for using the website of Dongguan Cham Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Our Website). When you use our website and services provided in our website, it is believed that you have carefully gone through the Terms and agreed to be bound to the Terms. Our Website may unilaterally amend the Terms by updating the web pages at any time without further notice. If you breach any of the terms, or our Website doubts that you breach any of the terms, or our Website believes that your behavior breaches applicable laws or causes damage to the interests of our Website or our users, our Website shall forbid your access to our Website and services with or without any notice to you, and take related legal actions.

      1. Legal purposes of our website

      Our Website is the website of Dongguan Cham Battery Technology Co., Ltd., aimed at providing newest information of Cham products and consultation service to users. Except by special declaration, all the new services, features and functions in our website are bound by the Terms.

      You shall only use our Website for legal purposes and shall not use our Website to infringe others' intellectual property rights by any means; you shall not disrupt any parts of our Website. You shall not share your password access to our Website with any third party. You shall not distort any data in any way and shall not interrupt the operation of our Website by any means, including but not limited to transmit any software virus or any computer code or information which may interrupt, disturb or change the operation of our Website. You shall not use our Website to collect users' data.

      2. Usage of website data

      The contents in our Website, including characters, graphs, signs, links, HTML coding and other data (hereinafter referred to as The Data), are under the protection of Copyright Law, Trademark Act and other applicable laws. All the Data are exclusive property belonging to our Website, content providers of our Website or our users. Any usage of data without permission shall break Copyright Law, Trademark Act or other applicable laws. If you want to copy any data, you shall keep the relevant copyright, trademark, service mark or other exclusive notice in the copy. You shall only make one copy of the data, and the copy shall only be available for personal or non-commercial use. Without written approval provided by our Website in advance, you shall not sell or change the data for any public or commercial purposes, or copy, remake, reprint, upload, download, publish, transform, display, carry out in public or send out the data in any way, or store the data in any retrieval system, or use the data in any other way.

      3. Collection of users' data

      At different time when using our website, you may be requested to provide your identification data to our Website, including but not limited to your name, birthday, gender, contact information, ID card number or profession qualification certificate number, E-mail address and educational background, etc.. You agree that you provide this data to our Website on your own will. You shall guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, effectiveness and completeness of the data. If this is not the case or there is probable reason to suspect the data, our Website shall have the right to refuse to provide you the services in our Website now or in future. If the data you provide is not complete or accurate, our Website may forbid or not admit you to access to our Website, or may not provide you with our services. You understand that any and all data you provide to our Website shall be collected and may be used for the following purposes, which are to:

      3.1 Collect data for identity verification and record;

      3.2 Allow our Website to perform our duty to connect to the network or duty in other practices in the industry;

      3.3 Provide you with information related to different products and services;

      3.4 Preserve contact information;

      3.5 Make statistics on the total usage of our Website;

      3.6 Meet the requirements of any present applicable laws, administrative rules or regulations, including requirements of disclosure or notification;

      3.7 Carry out users' instructions, respond to the query of the users or in the name of the users, and provide the users with effective and efficient services.

      Our Website's policies and behavior to collect, use, retain, release, transfer, protect and access to information are in accordance with the laws and regulations, the Terms and Privacy Statement.

      You confirm and agree that you bear full responsibility to the form, content and accuracy of any data or information you provide in our Website. You agree that our Website may release your information for the following purposes when reasonably necessary, which are to:

      3.8 Abide by relevant laws;

      3.9 Enforce or put into effect the provisions of any user agreement in our Website;

      3.10 Protect the right, property or benefits of our Website and the users in our Website;

      3.11 Abide by Privacy Statement.

      Our Website shall retain your personal information upon your use of our Website. After you provide our Website with the information which can verify your identity, you may receive emails and direct mails from our Website from time to time, which may include information of promoted products or services. If you do not wish to receive such information, please email to info@cham.com.cn .

      For the knowledge of privacy policy of our Website, please click Privacy Statement of our Website in this web page.

      4. Links

      Our Website may include links access to other websites and web pages. These websites and web pages are not operated or controlled by our Website, therefore, our Website bears no responsibilities for these websites or web pages. You shall take all the risks if you click any above-mentioned link or web page and access to other website or web page, and our Website shall bear no responsibilities or liabilities.

      5. Exemption

      Our Website shall bear no responsibilities to the error or omission, error in transmission or failure in storage of our website content.

      Our Website shall not guarantee the following: there is/will be no error in our Website now or any time in future; there are/will be no computer virus or other harmful functions in our Website or server now or any time in future; any flaw in our Website will be corrected, or the operation of our Website is timely, safe and uninterruptible. If you need to repair or change equipment or data because of use of our Website, our Website shall bear no responsibilities for any expenses caused.

      The information contained or provided in our Website is only for reference. Our Website shall bear no responsibilities for the accuracy, practicability or procurability of any data transferred in our Website. Our Website shall bear no responsibilities for any transaction or investment decision made based on the above information.

      6. Website activities

      Our Website shall carry out various activities from time to time. If these activities refer to earning or saving points or other valuable matters, the points confirmed by our Website (based on the record in our Website) shall be ultimate and decisive. In case of dispute, our Website shall make the final decision. Our Website shall reserve the right to change the exact terms related to activities at any time during the event. You agree and accept that the supply of any products or services advertised in the activities shall be based on the available quantity, and if the supply of the product is subject to the consent of a third party, you agree and accept that the product is supplied with the consent of the third party.

      7. Applicable laws

      The Terms are formulated according to current laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. You agree that any claim for compensation you make to our Website shall be tried by Dongguan Intermediate People's Court.

      8. Severability

      If any one provision or multiple provisions of the Terms, or any one provision or multiple provisions quoted in the Terms under any circumstances, is/are adjudged to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any way for any reason, the effectiveness, validity or enforceability of the provision or condition in any other way, and the effectiveness, validity or enforceability of other provisions in the terms and conditions, are not damaged in any way.

      9. Compensation

      For any and all claim for compensation, procedure, compensation for damages, harm, debt, loss, expense and expenditure (including reasonable attorney's fee and expenditure) caused by your act or negative act which violates the Terms, you agree to make compensation to our Website and relevant personnel, defend him/her and protect him/her from harm.


      Website of Shenzhen Cham Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.

      Privacy Statement

      Website of Dongguan Cham Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Our Website) attaches greatly importance to the protection of your privacy. Before using the services provided in our Website, please carefully read the following statement.

      To provide you with more accurate and targeted services, our Website may use the personal information you provide in the following ways. However, our Website shall treat this information  with a high degree of diligent obligations, and shall not release this information in public or provide to any third party without your permission.

      Retain the information you provide

      Our Website may collect your personal information when you choose a service and provide information on your own will, and integrate the information so as to provide you with better services. Please provide your personal information in detail promptly and accurately at the time of registration, and continually refresh your registered information so as to keep the information more prompt, detailed and accurate. All the initial information input in our Website shall be quoted as registered information. You bear the related consequences for any problems caused by untrue registered information. Please do not transfer or borrow your account and password to any third party. If you find that your account has been illegally accessed by others, please inform our Website immediately. Our Website bear no responsibilities for hacktivism or any user's negligence in protecting his/her account which lead to illegal use of his/her account and password by others.

      Usage of cookie

      Our Website use cookies for your convenience to access to our services and set up your specific service options. With cookies, our Website may provide you with more thoughtful personalized services. You may choose to accept or disable cookies. You may disable cookies by changing the settings of the browser. If you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to access to or use the website services or functions dependent on cookies.

      Retain your usage log

      When you use the services in our Website, the server shall record automatically some information, including URL, IP address, type of browser, language in use and date and time of visit, etc..

      In the following cases, our Website shall disclose your personal information in accordance with your wishes or provisions of law, and you shall bear the problems caused personally.

       (1) obtaining your authorization in advance;

       (2) providing you with required products and services only after you disclose your personal information;

       (3) by the requests of relevant laws and regulations;

       (4) by the requests of relevant government departments;

       (5) to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our Website;

       (6) with your agreement to share your information with a third party;

       (7) when we find out that you disobey the service terms of our Website or application regulations of any other products and services;

       (8) when we need to provide information to the companies who provide us with related products or services (these companies have no right to use your identification data unless we inform you otherwise).

      Amendment of privacy policy:

      Our Website may amend the privacy policy. If there is any amendment in the policy of using users' personal information, we shall issue relevant regulations in a prominent position of the web page so as to notice the users in time.

      Questions and suggestions:

      If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at E-mail: info@cham.com.cn

      We shall keep adhering to provide you with better service under the premise of fully protecting your privacy.