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      Shenzhen Cham Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.


      Cham Battery has been focusing only on 18650 cylindrical cell production for the last 17 years.

      We are the 18650 experts for products ranging from individual cells, simple battery packs and sophisticated EV pack modules.


      Led by the chief of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, our RD team has unveiled many technology breakthrough over the years, including 282 patents in our current portfolio.


      With over 700 employees in 2 factories (SZ and DG), we can produce 500,000pcs of 18650 per day in automated production line.


      As we continue our growth in 18650 business together with the boom in the China EV business, we seek to diversify our business by expanding our outreach to the global markets like US, EU and ASIA.


      Besides maintaining our renowned brand CHAM in China, the popular power bank company Powerocks  is also part of the CHAM flagship.